Hey Busy Mama!

Do you want to update your mom wardrobe but don’t know where to start?

You don’t have to feel stuck. This comprehensive but easy wardrobe course was designed for busy moms just like you.


Just imagine...

having a confident grasp on your style,

knowing how to blend your style with trends for a chic mom look,

knowing the best colors and styles for your body type,

creating a closet of clothes designed uniquely for you,

and adjusting to your post-partum body with new joy and confidence.

Using the 7 Steps within Frumpy to Fabulous, you can go from:

Closet Chaos


Closet Confidence

Are You Ready to:

Stop being frustrated over your clothes

Know exactly what you should wear to look fabulous and feel confident

Get ready with ease in the morning

Love everything in your closet

Become A Fabulously Dressed Mom

Get out of the mom slump, find your style, create a personalized wardrobe, generate a burden-free clothing fund, and develop a system to keep your wardrobe fabulous.

You’ll learn to find motivation to care about your appearance, blend your style with today’s trends, discover what should go in a smart wardrobe, and do it all without breaking the bank.

This system completely pulled me out of the mom slump for good.

I want to teach you the strategy in easy-to-implement steps that any mom can accomplish– in 30 days or less!

By the end of the program you will have a grip on your style, an uncluttered wardrobe you love, a personalized plan for what you need to buy, and a system in place to maintain everything effortlessly moving forward.

Taking control of your wardrobe will help you…

Feel confident about your personal style and stop second guessing everything you put on.

Truly love the way you look and feel each day…even if you’re just at home.


Save money on clothes by shopping with purpose and never again experiencing shopper’s remorse.

Take back the time and energy it currently takes to find something to wear. Less stress every morning means more attention on what matters to you.

The 7 steps you’ll walk through in the course…

Step 1: Understand what’s getting in the way of a wardrobe you feel confident about.
Step 2: Know your body shape, the best colors on you, and what styles you love (and look good in)
Step 3: Feel confident about what’s trending and how to incorporate just enough of it to look relevant (while staying true to your style.)
Step 4: Choose a color scheme of colors that you love, look good on you, and allow for mixing and matching.
Step 5: Map out your ideal wardrobe in a custom wardrobe plan, from tops to bottoms to jewelry.
Step 6: Apply your custom wardrobe plan to what’s in your closet (know what to keep and what to get rid of)
Step 7: Set a clothing budget and know the best strategies for saving money while always avoiding shopper’s remorse (come home happy from every shopping trip!)

What you get in the course

About The Course Creator

Hey! I’m Corina, married to my guy for eight years and mama of two precious boys… with another munchkin on the way!

When I first became a mom, I found it a lot harder to find the time to get dressed intentionally each day. I also needed comfortable clothes and was home all day a lot of the time. To top it off, shopping by myself didn’t happen as often as it used to!

It became frustrating to feel “the frump” threatening to take over. I was easy prey because I didn’t know much about fashion. Trends scared me and I played it safe.

In 2016 I decided to do something about it and started reading about what my wardrobe needed. I wanted everything to mix and match easily and I needed to work with what I had. I was on a budget but I didn’t want to look frumpy!

Turns out I wasn’t the only mom feeling this way. The blog has become a popular place for moms who need fashion simplified for every day life. It’s been my joy to provide that!

After two years of developing a wardrobe rehaul system specifically for us mamas, I decided it was time to put it all together into one program that any of us could implement.

It’s my way of providing personal help, while being able to assist several hundred mamas at a time.

What You’ll Learn…

Frumpy to Fabulous is broken down into 4 modules.

Each module builds on itself and you only concentrate on one at a time.

It’s designed and paced for busy moms!

Week 1

Learning Your Style

  • Get a firm grip on your personal style as well as your body shape and color type.
  • Find out how to adapt your style to look fresh and relevant to today.

Week 2

Shaping a Custom Wardrobe

  • Use what you know about your style and body to design a custom wardrobe plan.
  • Learn all my tips and tricks for creating a remixable closet starting with what you have!

Week 3

Extracting the Gold from Your Wardrobe

  • Put your custom wardrobe plan to use by applying it to what you own now.
  • Sort through your clothes like a pro, only keeping what you should and feeling confident about removing the rest.

Week 4

Become a Shopping Ninja

  • Find a healthy clothing budget for your family.
  • Generate ways to save and make money for clothes.
  • Learn the secrets to maximizing your shopping trips and never experiencing shopper’s remorse.

All Weeks/Modules are available immediately when you enroll. Take them one week at a time or binge-watch the entire course!

Your access to the content does not expire so you can take it at your own pace.

How You’ll Learn…

Concepts Taught By Video

(All Lessons Also in Writing)

Supported by Charts & Cheat Sheets

Cemented by Worksheets…

…& Real Life Application

Detailed Curriculum Overview

Week 1: Learning Your Style & Adapting It To Today’s Trends

  • Intro to Week 1
  • SECTION 1: Getting Started (What to Expect + Identifying Barriers To Easy Style + Motivation & Routine) (11:04)
  • SECTION 2A: Find Your Body Shape & Color Type (12:47)
  • SECTION 2B: Your Personal Style (What Is Fashion And How It Applies To You + Using Pinterest To Discover Your Style + How To Complete The Style Worksheet) (55:56)
  • SECTION 3: Making Your Style Relevant To Today + Staying In The Know (24:59)

Week 2: Creating a Custom Wardrobe Plan

  • Intro to Week 2
  • SECTION 1: Planning Your Perfect Wardrobe (10:00)
  • SECTION 2: Filling In Your Custom Plan (26:05)
  • GROUP CALL (scheduled once a month)

Week 3: Applying Your Wardrobe Plan To Your Closet

  • Intro to Week 3
  • Putting Your Plan to Use—Extracting the Gold From Your Current Wardrobe (13:45)
  • BONUS: How to Plan Your Outfits (10:35)

Week 4: Creating a Clothing Budget & Shopping Smart

  • Intro to Week 4
  • SECTION 1: Creating & Stretching Your Clothing Budget (21:08)
  • SECTION 2: Strategies for Shopping Smart (14:06)
  • BONUS TECH TUTORIAL: How to Make Money for Your Clothing Budget Using Ebates (8:25)
  • In Closing: Maintaining a Wardrobe You Love

Additional Bonus Trainings

  • Creating a Color Palette Inspiration Sheet for Your Season

All Weeks/Modules are available immediately when you enroll. Take them one week at a time or binge-watch the entire course!

Your access to the content does not expire so you can take it at your own pace.

Preview of Week 1 Videos:

Finding Your Personal Style & Body Type (Shape & Color Season)

This 5-minute preview gives you glimpses of some of the video lessons from Week 1!

A Student’s Experience…

What problem where you trying to solve that made you consider this course? What did you imagine the solution would look like?

I was looking for motivation and EASY ideas (that didn’t cost an arm and a leg) for being comfortable, yet in style, whether I’m leaving the house or not. I really had no preconceived ideas about what that would look like except that it had to be flexible enough to fit into my schedule.

When you were looking for solutions in the past, were there any other programs, books, or courses you considered?

Yes and Yes. The ones I’d looked at were not even close to being as comprehensive as this one. Many only cover one component of what is offered here, and they are considerably more expensive.

What gave you confidence that Frumpy to Fabulous would help you solve your problem?

I had been in the Facebook group and on the email list for awhile, so I already knew that Corina always provides a high quality product, and she understands the demands of living within a budget. I had also interacted with her a bit in the FB group, and knew she was quick to respond and helpful with questions. The bottom line is, based on past experience, I was confident that I could trust her.

After going through the modules of Frumpy to Fabulous, what do you understand or grasp better than you did before?

I better understand my style (including body shape, colors, likes/dislikes). This helps me dress more confidently and quickly every day.

What are one or two tangible benefits you have experienced after completing the steps of Frumpy to Fabulous?

The color exercise was immensely helpful. In the last month there have been pieces of clothing that I easily passed by because I knew the color would wash me out. This saves me time both in the initial check out line, and later, in the return line. It also saves me the money of the purchase in the first place. Probably the best thing about this is that wearing colors that brighten my face, helps me start the day with a more positive outlook…and that is always a good thing!


What Previous Students Say...

When I started I wasn’t sure it was worth the investment. Now I can’t imagine life without all the things I’ve learned!

- Krista

In addition to all the helpful information and guidance, the inspiration and motivation were a huge help.

- Denise

This course helped me pinpoint my personal style and what works best during this period of my life. Well worth the investment!

- Trisha

Loved the course! I learned so much!

It really helped me fine tune my wardrobe and create a wardrobe meant specifically for me, my colors and body type.

Corina is a wealth of knowledge! She is great to answer questions and give you all her tips and secrets! 😉

I now feel way more confident in myself and my style to fight the frump!

- Krystal

I learned so much and am able to feel more confident in choosing clothes from my closet and even was able to grab a few pieces using  a gift card i had received for Christmas. I realized that my biggest issue was I didn’t really have any neutral pieces and Im not good at mixing and matching pieces to create outfits. I do have a better understanding of the process now thanks to you!  ... I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me and Im really looking forward to what’s coming next. 

- Amanda

This course has given me direction and confidence in finding my personal style. It has given me many tools to help build my unique style and wardrobe. Corina knocked it out of the park!

- Amy

This course has been surprisingly empowering!

Before I started it I was so intimidated by my messy closet full of clothes I hated.

Now it’s clean and organized and I wasn’t afraid to part with clothes that weren’t flattering and I didn’t love.

This course is totally worth the time and effort!

- Anna

This course trains you to looking at the clothing and color world in a personal way. You come out knowing yourself better and what clothing is you!

- Vanessa

Thanks to this course...I’ve learned that my style is Casual, Classic, Relaxed. I feel motivated and inspired. The clutter is gone and things coordinate! 
There’s a color palette that largely fits my color type.
I feel relevant but still true to me.

These Spring outfits fit my lifestyle, and I can just grab and go in the morning! I have a budget and a plan for maintenance. Hurrah! Joy!! 💕

- Krista

This course has been a great resource for helping me find the flaws in my wardrobe, how to remedy them and move forward with confidence and a plan to purchase pieces with purpose.

I feel more put together and now I know what looks good on me and why.

- Jennifer

(Jennifer shares more of her experience in the video below)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You start and finish whenever you like! I provide ongoing support and live group calls for new students in the private Facebook group so you can jump in at any time. 

All modules/weeks are released immediately when you enroll, so you can either pace yourself and take one week at a time or binge watch the entire thing. 

Your access to the content does not expire so you can take the course at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it exists. Which I hope is a very long time 🙂
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

What are my options for taking in the lessons?
You can watch videos on your computer or the Teachable app (on iOS). The printable workbook contains an outline of what you learn in the videos for easy reference later. Learn while washing dishes or while the kids nap.

The material was created with moms in mind! Some exercises will be completed within your workbook and other exercises are hands-on within your closet.

What is the weekly time commitment for taking this course?

Each module/week contains 1-2 hours of lessons/implementation steps. You can complete each module on your own timeline.

You are provided with a progress planner to easily keep track of your progress through the program and you can certainly choose to take it at your own pace rather than following the weekly framework.

Is this course really worth my time?

Before buying any course or product you want to know whether it will really give you the results you’re looking for. I am committed to helping everyone in the group get from Point A (frumpy & frustrated) to Point B (fabulous & confident). And I’m all about results that stick.

You won’t just learn theories and concepts. As we go along, we’ll practice what we learn and actually make it happen so that you’ve set new habits and practices in place by the end of the month.

Moms who have finished the steps in this course feel it is 100% worth their time!

Will this program still benefit me if I'm not a mom, or I'm an empty nester?
The goal of this program is to help you simplify your wardrobe into something you enjoy wearing, helps you fight the frump with ease by saving you time, and that looks complete on a budget.

While the curriculum will be created with busy moms in mind (particularly moms with children at home), the actual framework and implementation will profit any woman!

Is this information available elsewhere for free?
The process I’ve designed is new to this course. You won’t find these easy-to-follow steps and worksheets anywhere else.

You could spend hours piecing together a way to get your wardrobe in order and your style figured out, or take the fast track with a group of other moms to insure you get results in just 30 days. It’s the fastest, easiest, and hand-held way to get to your goal of ease getting dressed!

You’ll also have access to me to get your questions and struggles addressed along the way.

What will this course do for me?
In weeks 1 and 2, Frumpy to Fabulous teaches you how to understand your personal style and body type and walks you through creating a wardrobe list that is custom designed for you.

Weeks 3 and 4 apply that custom wardrobe to your existing closet so that you extract the best and know what needs to go. You’ll also learn how to shop smart to maximize savings while loving everything you bring home.

As a result, this course will make your mornings easier and more positive because getting dressed will be actually be fun and uplifting. You’ll experience more confidence around others in your life.

You’ll feel better about the way you look and improve your overall mood as a result.

Also you will make new mama friends who understand your struggles in this area because they’ve been experiencing it too.

And finally this course will stop wasteful spending on clothes and help you focus on the few basics that make up a truly useful wardrobe. Most women find they spend less on clothes in the long run after learning the skills we learn together! You’ll even learn easy ways to EARN money for clothes.

If you complete all the steps in the course, you WILL see incredible results. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t bring you the value you’re looking for, you can get a refund during the duration of the course!

My budget is tight... shouldn't I save my money for clothes?
Holding out and continuing to buy clothes that doesn’t get used to its fullest potential–or worse, that doesn’t get worn at all– isn’t saving you money. It’s wasting it!

This course helps you dial in on exactly what you should be buying as well as what you shouldn’t spend on. It will help you make better purchases with the money you have, saving moolah in the long run!

In addition, you will learn easy ways to earn money for clothes so that your budget INCREASES while your needs begin to DECREASE. Many moms will earn back the money spent on this course within just a month or two by using these strategies!

How does this course give me results?

As the lessons go along you’ll have easy challenges to complete either online, in your workbook, or in your closet. The cumulative effect of your interaction with the challenges will lead you to a transformed wardrobe and self confidence in your style–it will feel almost effortless by the end!

A group call and exclusive Facebook group insures you receive as much coaching as you need along the way.

Free Bonuses!

To help you succeed, I’ve included some bonus supplemental trainings and cheatsheets to help you through different steps in the course!

+ More bonus trainings continue to be added and you get access to them all as they release.

Another Student’s Experience…

…my concerns included the need for time to shop for clothing, and how to buy clothes that would work for my changing body after having my last baby.

What made you decide you wanted to take Frumpy to Fabulous when it was first offered?

I was very excited about a sort of one-stop course, and it felt as if I had finally found the thing that was going to tie-up a lot of the loose ends for me. I anticipated learning things I didn’t have time to go search out for myself, such as how to find my style or how to create a workable clothing list. The idea that I would be taken thru a step-by-step guide to learn how to identify which clothing items would really work for ME, with my style, my body shape, my budget, and even clothing that I liked, was a major attraction! I certainly found all of this and much more in Frumpy to Fabulous!

What are one or two tangible benefits you have experienced after completing the steps of Frumpy to Fabulous?

I found it so helpful to recognize what my body shape actually is, not what it used to be or what I hope it will be, and that dressing for my body as it is at the moment, will help me to feel my best.

I now have a personalized shopping list that I can take with me whenever I go shopping. I have confidence to walk into the store and look for specific items without feeling that old panic of merely hoping to find something… It may take some time to find that one item, but I won’t be wasting time (and money) browsing the aisles looking for anything to catch my eye, praying that it fits and then bringing it home, only to have it sit in my closet going unworn.

What’s it like to have your custom wardrobe plan after completing the last module? 

Wonderful! Now, with my paired-down wardrobe, it is much simpler to get dressed in the morning. It felt so freeing to purge so many items that I had been holding on to (some for well over 10 years), and having a simplified wardrobe brings me peace of mind.

Who would you recommend this course to? 

I would highly recommend this course to any woman, Mama or single, young woman or more mature, who wants to gain a better understanding of her style and the clothing that will help her to feel her best.  This course goes beyond the Capsule Wardrobe to help you to gain confidence in your unique style, while still providing lots of guidance in what to add to your wardrobe, and choose how to those items. It truly is an all-in-one course!


What You Get When You Enroll

If I Sold Each Course Component Individually This is How Much it Would Cost! 😮

Video Lessons & Notes – Learn the material your way

Digital Copy of Workbook – 100 pages, includes lessons notes & worksheets

Virtual Color Season Analysis – Corina’s personal assessment of your color type is included free

Monthly Group Calls – Get your questions answered live

Private Course Facebook Group – For anytime access to Corina and interaction with other students over assignments

Bonus Trainings & Cheatsheets – New ones keep getting added based on the students’ needs

Enjoy a Hard Copy of the Companion Workbook!

The course comes with the digital workbook which you can print at home. But if you wish, you can get the workbook already printed and bound for you. (100 Pages in full color; spiral-bound). Includes all the lesson notes and worksheets. This option is available as an add-on after checkout.

Choose a Package

Group Call Package + 1-on-1 Coaching Call

Complete Course + Monthly Group Calls + 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Corina
  • Course + Digital Workbook + Facebook Group

  • PLUS Group Calls – Join a live conversation with Corina that covers your questions as you go through the course (scheduled once per month, no limit)
  • PLUS 30-minute 1-on-1 Call with Corina – Get personal help with your wardrobe

Secure Payment (Credit Card or Paypal)

smile 30-day Money-Back Guarantee smile

If unhappy with the course for any reason, I will refund your money at any time during the first 30 days! 

Enrollment Is Currently Closed

Get on the waitlist to get notified when doors open again! (within a month)

Thanks for reading all about Frumpy to Fabulous! 

Whether or not you decide to take the full program, I wanted to leave you with a gift. Here’s a FREE intro course about getting motivated to fight the frump daily. 

  • Get encouraged to fight the frump.
  • Learn to leverage some of the best motivations (hint… frump fighting matches God’s design!)
  • Develop self-care routines that are doable.
  • Get put together more consistently without the burn out.

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